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Here's one of my most popular helmets and I get it!  They're the grunts fighting it out on the battlefield, after all!  I think the armor is more approachable and what's better as inspiration than an awesome helmet?


The main body color is whatever you'd like as long as it doesn't require specialty paint (that can be added at an additional cost).  You can also choose the color for the visor, just mention it on the order screen.


Although the helmets are "one-size-fits-most", it does work well for anyone with a head diameter of 22 inches to 24.5 inches (measured at the temples).  There can still be exceptions, but it's rare in the course of my 10+ years doing this work.


This helmet has a lot of add-ons and accessories.  If you're looking to add anything to your order, please message first to make sure it's feasible, thank you!


Thanks for looking and I look forward to being of service!

ODST Helmet Replica - The Rookie Style - Wearable

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