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Garand Thumb-Signed MA5C Prop - Screen Used **Flannel NOT Included**

Are you a SciFi and GT fan?  Please have a seat.  This MA5C prop was used by Mr. Garand Thumb in his 2021 "April Fool's" video reviewing the MA5C.  It has been kept in the same condition that it was after the filming and his signature is just as vibrant as the day he signed it (in paint pen).


There is part of me that still wants to hang on to it, but necessities made it the right time to find it a good home.  I'm starting it off at a dollar and giving it up to God!


Details of Note:


- There is a rumor Garand kept this under his pillow at night (full disclosure:  I started that rumor)


- Barrel is reversible (orange side or standard for display).


- This resin-cast replica has no internal parts and started its life as a bottle of urethane resin.


- Flashlight is functional and is removed to turn on/off (KISS applied)


- The power buttons on the side are made with a glow resin so you can charge them with any local star (or a flashlight!)


- The magazine is removable and is retained with strong magnets. Although it does a good job of keeping the magazine in place, you will want to be careful not to smack the butt end in a way that might result in an unexpected mag-change.


- The body of the rifle is in very good structural shape.  The finish is appropriately worn for having seen many tours of duty.


Thank you for reading all of this and please message me if you have additional questions. I will do my best to answer all of them as promptly as I can!


Brian Johnson

Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

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