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This listing is for a commission spot for the Noble 6 style helmet.  It is made to order and usually takes 6-8 weeks to complete.   You get to choose the paint and visor color as well as the level of weathering/battle scars. 


The helmet is one-size-fits-most and generally fits a 22" - 24.5" head (measured around at the temples).


This helmet is not intended for use with motorcycles or for safety in anyway.  They are made from urethane resin and are good against knocks and bumps, but not 50mph asphault, lol.


Additional accessories such as the Up-Armor blast shield can be added for an additional cost.  I can also add custom graphics as well as call-signs, etc.  If you have any questions or need a quote, just drop me a message beforehand, thank you!


Brian Johnson - Johnson Arms Replicas and Props



Noble 6 Replica Helmet - Wearable - Hand Crafted

  • Although there are no return policy due to the nature of this business, I make every effort to make the client happy.  I hope that my reputation over the past 14 years will further prove that this is true.  I appreciate support my clients bring and I'll look forward to adding you to my growing list!

    - Brian

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