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I know I'm not the only one who always wanted a "Samus" helmet, right?  I thought so!


I personally paint every helmet and do my absolute best to make the prop look authentic with a history. I take a lot of pride in my work and promise that you will be happy with your purchase.




  • The helmet you recieve will be as close as possible to the listing photos (unless otherwise requested).  You can also specify the level of weathering.


  • Alternative main body color is available. (Choose on the order page)


  • Custom visor color if requested (defailt is green chrome).  The visors can also be transparent

      (you will see the wearer's face in most cases unless it's black.)


  • The helmet can be worn and has foam padding on the inside to make it comfortable. The foam strips are attached with velcro so you can adjust or clean them as needed.  You can also swap it out later for your own custom pads if desired.  The world is your oyster, you know? lol


  • The Samus helmet is a one-size-fits-most and the head sizes most suited  are 22 inches to about 25 inches.  You can check your head size by measuring around at the temples. 


Please know that I only list a small percent of the replicas that I have available. If you have an interest in a replica that you dont see here, please drop me a message! 

Metroid Samus Aran Helmet - Wearable

Visor Color (Chromed)
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