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This listing is for a Mark VII helmet commission which allows you to choose the primary color as well as the color of the visor. You can also decide on the level of weathering (the examples are a bit more than "medium" if that helps!)

These helmets are cast by Phil Shinner of Evakura Armor and I provide all the prep and paint. I hope you'll agree that it's a good partnership :)

All helmets are made from a urethane resin which is similar to plastic. it can take bumps, but try not to drop it from higher elevations if possible.

For sizing, this helmet should fit a 22'- 25" head. You can measure your head around at the temples to see where you're at. If you know you have a larger cranium, just let me know in the memo area and I can try to make the opening as generous as possible!

Most commissions take about 6 weeks to complete from start to finish. If you have a specific deadline, please message me first to make sure it's feasible, thank you!

I appreciate your time and I'll look forward to being of service!

Best Regards,

Brian Johnson

Johnson Arms Replicas and Props

Custom Mark VII (7) Helmet Replica - Wearable

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