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This listing is for a handmade (all paint) Halo 3 Pelican Memorial replica sign made by me at my shop. Each piece starts as a blank 24 gauge steel sheet and undergos many layers of painting and weathering to achieve a very authentic patina and texture that you don't find on the lesser-quality  printed plates. Each of my pieces are unique and no two are ever going to be exactly alike.


Each piece can be distressed to whatever level you'd like or it will be done as close to what you see in the example photos by default.


If requested, I can often add custom elements that will make your piece unique. Please message me prior to ordering just to make sure it's possible.


Dimensions are approx 11 inches by 15 inches.


I'm always up for a new design or subject so please message me at if you're looking for something unique. Most 2-3 color signs are possible and price depends on the complexity and time invested.


Thanks again for looking and I look forward to being of service!

Hand Painted Pelican Memorial Sign Replica - 11" x 15" on Steel

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